With Valentine’s day coming up, there’s no better time to plan love-themed crafts for the kids.

Whether you need arts and crafts projects for the classroom or your little ones at home, these easy Valentine’s day crafts for toddlers are guaranteed fun.

When it comes to crafts for toddlers, it’s crucial to get them engaged so the easier, the better.

10 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

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1. Yarn hearts

These yarn hearts look so adorable! To create yarn-wrapped hearts, all you need is to cut cardboard pieces or foam shaped like a heart and some yarn. Then, glue a bit of the thread to the back of the heart and let the kids get started. Toddlers will have lots of fun wrapping the yarn around the shape.| via Fynes Designs


2. Rocks finger painting

Toddler Crafts for Valentine's Day

Using rocks as source material for arts and crafts is a lot of fun for kids. You can even start outside, picking the stones. Later on, they can paint them with their fingers and create little friendship rocks for Valentine’s day. What toddler doesn’t love to dip their fingers in some paint? | via Red Ted Art


3. Hand-shaped tree with Valentine’s hearts 

10 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

When we talk about crafts for toddlers, hand shapes are a must. To create a hand-shaped tree, you can either draw the toddlers hand on a colorful paper and cut it or go for paint stamps, if you’re up for a messy, fun ride. On top of the tree, you and your toddler can glue cute pink hearts as leaves. | via I Heart Crafty Things


4. Shaving cream painting hearts

Toddler Crafts for Valentine's Day

Speaking of mess, this is a popular Valentine’s day craft for toddlers. This allows them to make a bucket-contained mess. The shaving cream mixed with paint creates an exciting marble effect, so you get some artsy hearts. | via Hello Wonderful

5. Valentine’s Day Card with Flower handprints

Toddler valentine's crafts- flower bouquet

When creating fun arts and crafts projects for toddlers, paints can go a long way. Who knew handprints could become such beautiful flowers? To create these cards, toddlers can dip their hands in different colors and stamp on a paper to make the flowers. Then, together you can paint the stem and leaves. It’s a super easy and fun Valentine’s day craft for kids. | via What Inspires You

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6. Easy heart stamps

Toddler Valentine's Day Crafts

As far as Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers go, this one is as easy as it gets. Make your empty toilet paper roll into a heart-shaped stamp that your toddlers will love to play with. Chances are, the final artwork won’t look as hearts very much but parents love abstract paintings by their toddlers, right? | via Rust and Sunshine


7. Cotton ball heart painting

Toddler Craft- Valentine's Day

Have you ever painted with a cotton ball? Toddlers will have lots of fun dabbing the cotton onto a blank canvas. The cotton creates such a nice effect that you might end up with a true masterpiece. This is the perfect Valentine’s day craft project for toddlers and, if you paint side my side, parents get to have some fun too. | via Sunshine Whispers


8. Bee mine Valentine

10 Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

Some kids are just crazy about bugs, aren’t they? Creating a little bee made of heart shapes might be the best Valentine’s Day activity for them. They will love their creation, and you won’t have to wipe off any paint. | via From Abcs to Acts

9. Love bug fruit cups

Toddler Valentine's Day craft ideas

Aren’t these love bugs the cutest you’ve ever seen? This Valentine’s arts and crafts project is fantastic for toddlers, not only because you get a cute little love bug at the end, but also because you recycle fruit cups and use different resources. | via The Melrose Family


10. Valentine Pom Pom Monster

10 Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

We saved the best for last. These Valentine pom pom monsters look so charming, no one can resist. Kids can give them names, play with them and put on little accessories. It’s super easy to make them, even in larger quantities. | via Crafts Unleashed

Resources for you: Pom Pom Maker (Amazon)

With Valentine’s day crafts for toddlers like these, the kids will have a great holiday. Though some of these activities could get messy, they are guaranteed fun for the little ones and the parents. Get the fridge door ready for some exciting new artwork.

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