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10 Stylish and School-Friendly Hair Cut Ideas for Toddler Boys

Finding the right haircut for your toddler boy is no easy feat.

The right style can truly depend on his hair texture, personality, school rules, and ability to sit still in the barbershop.

If you’re having trouble finding the right ‘do, check out these ten fuss-free toddler boy haircut ideas that are as school-friendly as they are stylish.


10 Toddler Boy Haircut Ideas

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1. Modern mohawk

For an edgy toddler boy haircut that’s still school-friendly, ask your barber for a fade on the sides. Keep it fresh and fluffy by using a matte pomade instead of a gel to spike the top of his hair. | @_r_o_o_t_s_ via Instagram


2. Fresh fade

This faded haircut is equal parts simple and stylish. Keeping it short on the sides means you’ll only have to style his bangs in the morning, plus he’ll stay tangle-free all day long. | @cimadorostorm via Instagram


3. Spunky spikes

Boys with stick-straight hair can easily rock a spikey ‘do. Use a gel for straighter spikes and more wet look, or switch to pomade for a dryer style. | @finleysclassicbarbershop via Instagram


4. Deep side part

For a more classic toddler boy haircut, go for a deep side part. This timeless style is easy to achieve with a some gel and a comb. Spring for a gel with a low or medium shine for a fashionable sheen look without looking greasy. | @finleysclassicbarbershop via Instagram


5. A hard part

For trendsetting toddlers, a hard part is the perfect fit. This subtle statement requires virtually no styling for the mornings when you just have to get up and go– no combs or gel required. | @gra_barbegirl via Instagram

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6. Forward comb


For the toddler who just wants to play all day, a messy forward comb is a safe bet. The intentionally tousled look will stay true through all the rough and tumble play. | @jessraehairart via Instagram


7. Coiffed cut

A modern coiffe is perfect for fashion-forward families. This toddler boy haircut takes a bit more styling in the morning, but looks great on boys with thicker hair. It’s the perfect fit for the boys who mean business. | @lads_and_dads_barber_reigate via Instagram


8. Styled bangs

Make a statement with styled bangs. Short on the sides and long in the front, it’s a great tangle-free toddler boy haircut that still has some personality. This do is equally as adorable for boys with wavy hair, too. | @iamelletigre via Instagram


9. Curly faux hawk

Toddler boys with curly hair can rock the messy look without thinking twice. Keeping it short on the sides and long on top will shape his curls into an effortlessly cool faux hawk. | via Pinterest


10. Hip and tapered

If your toddler boy has a hipster streak, he’ll love this trendy ‘do. Keeping it long on top gives you a little room to change up his style day-to-day. | @ling_squared via Instagram


These ten toddler boy haircut ideas are perfect for the boys who just can’t quit moving.

These cuts all keep it short on the sides to guarantee he’ll be tangle-free and ready to play all day, everyday.

Plus, they’re a great way to show off his personality while still abiding by the school rules!

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