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19 Insanely Brilliant Dollar Store Halloween Costumes for Kids

For all my money-savvy parents, in this post you’ll find super adorable and incredibly cheap Halloween costumes that you can DIY with items found at your local discount or dollar store.

If you need some inspiration, check out these amazing homemade costumes for kids below!

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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1. Pumpkin Costume

via Unexpected Elegance

With a little bit of orange tulle and a sleek pair of shorts, you can create the cutest pumpkin costume ever!


2. Water Color Paint Costume

via DIY Network

This is a creative costume that’ll make your little artist beam with joy. Just top off the look with a simple black beret.


3. DIY Flower Pot Costume

via Clumsy Crafter

Create this cute and simple flower pot costume with just a plastic pot and a few artificial flowers


4. DIY Gumball Machine Costume

via Dukes and Duchesses

This gumball costume is sure to bring lots of giggles on Halloween! All you need is a few items such as plastic balls and a handy glue gun. 


5. DIY Ghost Busters Costume

via Projects in Parenting

Ghostbuster costumes will remain a timeless classic. Create your own proton packs using cardboard and a little bit of spray paint.


6. DIY Bumblebee Costume

via Creative Green Living

A simple yet very cute bumblebee costume will always be a fan favorite. Grab a yellow tee and make it awesome with black stripes. Don’t forget the wings!


7. DIY Pineapple Costume

via Delia Creates

A little bit of felt can go a long way especially when making a super cute costume such as this! No sewing required!


8. DIY 1920s Flapper Costume

via Dollar Store Crafts

Dollar stores are a great place to grab cheap feather boas which, with your glue gun in hand, can make creating a flappers costume quick and easy.


9. DIY Garden Gnome Costume

via Food Folks and Fun

He’s literally one of the cutest garden gnomes I have ever seen! This is a fun and absolutely adorable costume idea for toddler boys.

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10. DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

via A Night Owl

This costume is both cute and fun! Just imagine your little guy wearing this on Halloween!


11. DIY Mario and Luigi Costume

via Instructables

This is a great costume for siblings! Mario and Lugi are the perfect team for the Halloween.


12.  DIY Sushi Costume

via Really Risa

No need to break the bank to recreate this simple yet adorable Halloween costume! A little bitorange and white fabric and a head band with pink and green bows is all it takes to turn your cutie pie into a smiling piece of sushi. 

13. DIY Jelly Bean Costume

via The Sits Girls

Turn your sweet little one into a delicious bag of Jelly Bellys! How cute is this?


14. DIY Bandit Costume

via Make It Love It

The only thing she’s stealing are the hearts of those who sees this insanely adorable costume!


15. DIY Caillou Costume

via Pinterest

 Caillou makes the perfect costume for toddler boys on Halloween!


16. DIY Curious George “Man in the Yellow Hat” Costume

via A Butterfly’s Haven

If your toddler is a serious fan of Curious George then I am sure he would love this costume for Halloween!


17. DIY Despicable Me “Minions” Costume

via Wine and Glue

This costume is super affordable and extremely cute. Grab a sweet pair of overalls and a pair of red sneakers to complete this look.


18. DIY Mickey Mouse Costume

via The Chirping Moms

What is Halloween without Mickey Mouse? I’m sure your little one will have tons of fun dressed up as Walt Disney’s classic character.

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