Help your toddler improve their cognitive and motor skills with these DIY alphabet learning activities that are simple, fun and completely mess free. 

These activities are sure to be big fun for little hands and will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

10 Fun Alphabet Activities for Toddlers

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Hands on activities can be a great learning tool to help your toddler memorize the letters of the alphabet. 

Learning the alphabet is among one of the first educational milestones for toddlers before attending school.

You can can help your toddler learn the alphabet a lot quicker through the use of fun games, activities and books.

Check out the ideas below for inspiration!


1. Lego Letter Puzzles

Love this! | 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Write letters of the alphabet on connected Legos or building blocks then separate them into piles. Next, have your toddler piece them back together. | via Fun Learning for Kids


2. Bubble Wrap Letter Matching

Write the ABCs on bubble wrap then... | 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Write a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters on bubble wrap. Call out letters and have your toddler pop each one. | via Fun Littles


3. Alphabet Car Parking

10 Alphabet Learning Activities for Toddlers

Label the top of toy cars with upper or lowercase letters. Create a parking lot with matching letters so that your toddler can “park” their cars in the right spot. Very fun! | via You Clever Monkey


4. Letter Tracing Gel Bags

Put hair gel in a bag then... | 10 Alphabet Learning Activities for Toddlers

Fill a plastic bag with hair gel and dye and secure the seal with heavy duty tape.  Teach your toddler how to write letters, numbers or shapes with their fingers. | via Pre-K Pages

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5. Alphabet Finder

This mom is a genius! She put up letters...| 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Get your little one moving with this super fun way to learn the ABCs. Tape different letters of the alphabet around your home. Call out a letter and help your toddler find them. | via Busy Toddler


6.  Alphabet Noodle Tower

Write letters of the alphabet on pool noodles then... | 10 Indoor Toddler Activities

Take a pool noodle and cut it into equal size pieces. Write the letters of the alphabet on them and allow your toddler to stack them in order as high as they’ll go! | via A Crafty Living


7. Alphabet Fishing

Get a laundry basket and a...| 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

No pond required! Your toddlers can go fishing indoors with this super fun letter recognition activity. Cut out a few fish and attach paper clips to each one. Make a rod for your toddler with string and a magnet and don’t forget the laundry basket! | Fun Learning for Kids


8. Touch and Feel Letters

Great sensory play for toddlers to learn letters! | 10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Sensory play is a great way for toddlers to learn! Stimulate your toddlers sense of touch all the while learning the sounds and shapes of letters. | via Teach Me Mommy


9. Pound the Sound

Write letters on a piece of styrofoam then... | 10 Indoor Toddler Activities

Write letters on a piece of Styrofoam and as you call out the sounds of letters have your toddler pound in golf tees for each corresponding letter. | via Happy Brown House


10. Feed the Alphabet Monster

Fun way to learn the ABCs, toddlers love this activity! | 10 Alphabet Learning Activities for Toddlers

Have your toddler feed the “monster” letters as you call or sound them out. This is a fun and interactive activity which improves your toddler’s fine motor skills and letter recognition. | via I Can Teach My Child


These activities are both engaging and memorable. Your toddler will have tons of fun with these exciting alphabet learning activities.

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