As stressful as parenting can be, there will always be moments that are downright hilarious. From mind games to massive messes, toddlers always have something surprising up their sleeves.

These 10 funny quotes about having a toddler will make you laugh out loud and remind you that you are not alone in your toddler-torn home.

10 Funny Quotes About Having Toddlers

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1. Answering the phone

You betcha! | 10 Funny Quotes About Toddlers

Every parent knows how serious a phone call can get when the phone is filled with tiny shaker beads, especially when a two year old hands it to you. So hop on this conference call. It’s time to get to business. | via @pbcexpo on Instagram


2. Like using a blender

So freakin' true! OMG | 10 Funny Quotes About Toddlers

It’s no secret that toddlers can wreak havoc on your home. But for their tiny size, it’s almost shocking how big of a mess they can actually make… and in such a short amount of time. And how did they get peanut butter on the ceiling? | via @hart_at_home on Instagram


3. Strange conversations.

Being a parent can get super weird at times...| 10 Hilarious Quotes About Toddlers

One minute you’re a horse and the next minute you’re a ballerina. Being a parent can make you do strange things… especially when it’s bedtime. But somehow the little ones just have a way with you. | via @bijou.playcentre on Instagram



4. Cuddle Catastrophe

Co-sleep, they said. It'll be a bonding experience, they said. | 10 Funny Quotes About Raising Toddlers

Cuddling seems like it should be a super-sweet family activity, but with a toddler it’s more like guarding your ribs from a professional kick boxer. How can someone so small take up an entire king size bed?  | @Sarahjessica710 on Instagram


5. Kiddo Cardio

Seriously, how do you think I lost the baby weight so fast? | 10 Funny Quotes About Life with Toddlers

Toddlers are surprisingly fast for their size. Between lifting and chasing a mischievous toddler, it’s basically a free gym membership– or one that you have to feed and change.| via @minimegifts on Instagram


 6. Bedtime Debacles

Kids are so funny, lol! | 10 Hilarious Quotes About Toddlers

Every toddler suddenly becomes busier than a CEO when it’s time for bed. First we need a bathroom break, then a snack, then a story, and so much more. How can they be so awake when you’re so tired? | via @sleepymumsvillage on Instagram


7. Tiny Interior Designers

If this is the case, then my house is a work of ART! LOL | 10 Funny Quotes About Raising Toddlers

Toddlers are truly just designers at heart, so don’t let the paint splatters, wall art, and cookie crumbs get you down. A little chaos is actually just creativity if you have the right attitude. | via @mylittlefarmerUSA on Instagram


8. The Sound of Silence

Too quiet is never a good sign! | 10 Funny Quotes About Raising Toddlers

A little peace and quiet seemed nice until you found a ketchup and mustard mural on the wall. Any seasoned parent knows silence is actually an omen for mischief.| via @boho_quotes on Instagram



9. Mission Impossible

The time my toddler got her head stuck in behind her bed...omg! | 10 Funny Quotes About Toddlers

Forget the stunt double. Toddlers can manage get into every dangerous corner of the house in the blink of an eye.| via @cluelessmamad on Instagram


10. Zipper Purgatory

Literally, all of my patience thrown out the window in seconds. | 10 Funny Quotes About Raising Toddlers

It’s important to let kids do things on their own, but watching a two-year-old struggle with a zipper is the stuff of nightmares. Double that if you’re running late.| via @inspiredbyjaiamber on Instagram


Final note

As frustrating as raising a toddler can be, nothing is more rewarding than watching your little one learn and grow. And even though there are lots of speed bumps along the way, those everyday disasters become some of your most cherished memories. So give yourself a pat on the back! Parenting is hard work.

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