A Halloween sensory bin is a great way to stimulate your toddler’s sense of touch, sight and smell which enhances their learning experience.

In this post, you’ll find several Halloween-themed sensory bin ideas to keep your toddler engaged while introducing fun, new, and interesting concepts and allow them to improve their fine motor skills.

Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas for Toddlers

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1. Spider Sensory Bin

I love this spider themed sensory bin for Halloween! My toddler would love this!

I usually make sensory bins open ended play, but I wanted to add a little direction to this bin. To start this bin off, I gave my 3 year old a set of plastic tongs and an empty jar. I encouraged him to try and capture the spiders and put them in the jar.” | Susie via Busy Toddler


2. Googly Eye Soup | Water Sensory Bin

My toddler LOVED playing with this googly eye water sensory bin!

“This was SO easy to put together, and as I’m looking through the photos, I didn’t get a single photo of my kids’ faces.  I think that’s how you know it was a total hit.  Water sensory play is one of X’s favorite things on the planet, so he was in heaven.” | Asia via Fun At Home With Kids


3. Fizzy Halloween Surprise | Science Sensory Bin

My toddler loved this science sensory bin for Halloween! It's great for individual or group play!

“Place your Halloween toys on the bottom of the container. I deliberately put them on the bottom so that it would be a surprise when the baking soda fizzed away to reveal all of the toys.” | Carol via My Bored Toddler

4. Graveyard Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is genius! Love the idea of the ghosts!My daughter LOVES this sensory bin! It's so much fun for Halloween!

This Halloween sensory activity was pretty much free form with the kid exploring the materials, choosing and creating with the materials.” | TurkeyMom via Fun Littles

5. Eyeball Soup| Science Sensory Bin

My kiddos LOVE this sensory bin for Halloween!

My kiddo thought this was the best gift I’d ever given her. She was content to dive and play in that tub for over an hour. The eyeballs did not phase her a bit. She thought it was hilarious she had ‘eyeball soup.’ ” | Dayna via Lemon Lime Adventures

6. Halloween Eraser Sort Sensory Bin

My toddler loved this sensory bin for Halloween!

I used the dyed orange pasta from last week and changed out the “bat” pasta for Halloween erasers. Then I gave Madelynn a variety of scoops and tools along with a sorting tray to explore.” | Jessica via Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten

7. Pumpkin Matching Sensory Bin

My daughter loved this Halloween sensory bin!

“For a festive fall activity for toddlers and preschoolers, I made this pumpkin matching printable.  Add in a “pumpkin patch” to create a unique and inviting sensory bin and throw in some tweezers or scoop scissors for extra fine motor work.” | via School Time Snippets

8. Sight Words Halloween Sensory Bin

My kiddo has learned quite a few words using this sensory bin for Halloween!

The most important things to have are the spider rings and the severed fingers, because they encourage young readers to point to the letters as they are reading and sounding out the word.” | Niki via Play Learn Everyday

9. Letter “H” Halloween Sensory Bin

Help your little one learn letters and new words with a sensory bin!

We talked about the letters inside the bin and we went over the letter H sounds and talked about other words that started with the letter H.” | Jaime via Teach Mama

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