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10 Quick and Easy Toddler Girl Hairstyles That’re Perfect for School

It’s not easy to convince a restless toddler to stand still, especially for intricate hairstyles. And those of us with tender-headed toddlers know just how squirmy they can be. But these 10 super easy toddler girl hairstyles for school will help you keep the ‘do cute while cutting down on time.


10 Quick and Easy Toddler Girl Hairstyles

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1. Braid and Bow Ponytail

This sweet and simple style the perfect five-minute hairdo that looks like it took much longer. A quick braid on top paired with an easy ponytail and cute bow make this style almost effortless. | Via @littleblondiesbraids on Instagram


2. Puffy Pony

Let your little girl channel her inner Princess Jasmine with this adorable and easy toddler girl hairstyle. Just a few elastics take the ponytail from basic to majestic, no braiding required. | Via @skylabooshair on Instagram


3. Braided Bun

If your toddler’s hair tend to get a little out of control, this braided bun is the perfect solution. Simply wrap the braid around the elastic and pin in place– perfect for those mornings when time is of the essence. | Via @girly_hairstyles28 on Instagram


4. Quick Curled Pigtails

Here’s another braid-free example on the list of easy toddler girl hairstyles. Just two puffy pigtails will do the trick for a classic and cute style. Can even curl the ends for a classy touch. | Via @skylabooshair on Instagram


5. Double Braid and Headband

Quick tip: use a bandana to spice up one of these easy toddler girl hairstyles. Two basic braids give a Rosie the Riveter twist with this super cute red bandana. | Via @catarina.5min on Instagram

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6. Waterfall Bangs

Just a few mini-elastics will do the trick for this unique toddler girl hairstyle. Just section off the front pony first, then add a tiny bit of it into the next section before you tie it off. | Via @easytoddlerhairstyles on Instagram


7. Four Front Ponies

The bow does most of the work in this easy toddler girl hairstyle. Simply create four tiny ponytails in the front, then secure them to the crown of the head with a bow. | Via @easytoddlerhairstyles on Instagram


8. Diagonal French Braid

This super sweet and simple style is perfect for the little girls obsessed with Frozen. Just give the basic french braid a diagonal slant to add some princess personality to a simple look. | Via @little_miss_locks on Instagram


9. Bandana Bun

Here’s another bandana trick for when you’re running out of ideas.The bandana makes this easy toddler girl hairstyle way cuter than the basic bun. | Via @littleblondiesbraids on Instagram


10. Half Up Braids

Keep your little girls’ hair out of her face with style. This elegant half-updo is perfect for special occasions. Plus, you only have to complete half a french braid before switching back to a basic one and tying it off with a bow. | Via @braids.for.little.girls on Instagram


Make your morning routine as quick and painless as possible with these 10 quick and easy toddler girl hairstyles. Between braids, bows, and simple bandanas, you can change up her look every day of the week without cutting into playtime.

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