Taking a toddler to potty in a public restroom can be completely nerve-wrecking for any parent.

If you want peace of mind when your toddler has to use a restroom away from home then these are the essentials you’ll need for a clean and germ-free experience.

The 8 Best “On-the-Go” Potty Training Essentials for Toddlers

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1. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Disposable seat covers, such as Potty Shields, are great to have on hand if you want to protect your toddler from germs or other foreign substances on a public toilet seat.

These seat covers work especially well because they are slip-proof and large enough so that they cover all sides of the toilet seat thus keeping your toddler safe from any nasty stuff.

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

2. Portable Toilet Seat Cover

Portable seat covers, such as these, are super handy and a must-have for taking a toddler to use a public restroom. 

These seat covers can be easily folded and carried in a handbag so that your toddler can use the potty anywhere without falling into or slipping off the toilet.

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

3. Hand Sanitizer

After your toddler uses a public restroom, it can be quite disheartening to find out that there’s not any hand soap in the dispensers. 

Instead carry an alcohol-free hand sanitizer, such as Babyganics to ensure that your toddler’s little hands remain germ and bacteria free. 

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

4. Bag Dispenser

Although your toddler may no longer wear diapers, accidents can still happen when you are on the road or away from home. 

It’s a good idea to keep a few plastic bags such as these on hand to ensure that soiled clothes and undergarments can be securely store until you can make it back home. 

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

5. Portable Potty

A portable potty is a must-have for any parent who would like to avoid public restrooms altogether. 

This portable potty makes it extremely easy for your toddler to go whenever and wherever without a ton of hassle. 

You can either attach a plastic bag to the seat or you can dissemble it and use it as a toilet seat attachment.

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

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6. Car Seat Protector (Piddle Pad)

A piddle pad is a handy tool that will protect your toddler’s car seat from getting soiled. 

When out and about with your little one, a piddle pad can give you complete peace of mind knowing that an expensive car seat or stroller will not become soiled thus making cleaning up messes a whole lot easier. 

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

7. Portable Urinal

If you have toddler boy, then you may find that standard bathroom urinals are too big or just plain out gross so you may choose to use a portable urinal such as this.    

A portable urinal can be easily carried, stored and cleaned, so when your toddler has to go potty when away from home then you can be prepared. 

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

8. Travel Backpack

When you are potty training a toddler on the go, a backpack is an essential item to have. 

With a bag, such as the Kiddy Care backpack, you’ll have plenty of space to  store extra clothes, snacks and other items.

Plus, having one bag to tote all of your toddler’s potty training supplies can be really convenient!

The 8 Best Potty Training "On-the-Go" Essentials for Moms

All of these items can be very useful when your toddler has to potty while  away from home. 

Having these essentials on hand will not only save time but keep your toddler germ and bacteria free anywhere and at anytime. 

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