Nutrition is at the core of our children’s brain growth. During the toddlers’ years, the brain is rapidly growing and developing essential cognitive skills. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals help their brains develop, make connections and understand the world around them. The impact in your toddler’s future health and abilities is massive.

To make sure you provide them with the best possible nutrition, check out the top 5 superfoods for your toddlers’ brain development.  


 What’s the best food for toddlers’ brain development?

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1. Eggs

One of the best foods for toddlers’ brain development is, the humble, egg. Among its nutrients, you can find protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, choline, and lutein. These nutrients are crucial for the development of cognitive skills, which are the core skills related to thinking and learning. On top of that, eggs can improve your toddlers’ memory.

Another advantage of this superfood is that they are very versatile. There are many ways to cook eggs. It’s much easier to get a toddler to eat an egg than some of the other healthy superfoods. It’s an easy, and effective way to help your toddlers’ brain development.


2. Greens and Vegetables

Your toddler's nutrition is important for brain development. | Top 5 Best Superfoods for Toddler Brain Development

Greens, such as kale or spinach, should be on top of your list when it comes to the best food for toddlers’ brain development. They contain folate, which helps prevent dementia and are packed with many vital nutrients and minerals, like iron.

In toddlers’ nutrition, iron deficiency is one of the most significant issues. It affects their memory, attention span, learning abilities, and overall cognitive skills. Iron is essential for the children’s nervous system and their brains’ growth because it helps red blood cells carry oxygen to the brain.

What’s more, leafy greens and other deep-colored vegetables are full of antioxidants. They help keep your toddlers’ brain cells healthy. So, make sure you sneak these superfoods in your toddler’s diet.


3. Fishes, especially salmon

The Top 5 Best Super Foods for Toddler Brain Development

Fishes, fatty ones like salmon, in particular, are an excellent source of omega-3s and vitamin D,  known to protect the toddlers’ brains and improve their ability to focus. Consuming healthy fats is vital for a toddler’s optimal brain development because it assists on the brain’s fast process of myelination and growth.

Salmon is one of the best foods for toddler brain development because it also has high levels of DHA. In a toddler’s brain, DHA is the foundation of brain tissue, and it helps brain cells communicate with each other.


4. Greek Yogurt

Here's the top 5 BEST super foods for toddler brain development

Greek yogurt is a superfood, loaded with vitamins and minerals, so it’s fantastic for your toddlers’ brain health. Also, full-fat Greek yogurt will give your toddler nutritious fats that help brain cells send and receive information. Toddlers need a high-fat diet to grow brain tissue.

Though it’s not brain-related, greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics and can provide a healthy gut for your toddlers, which is a nice bonus.


5. Nuts & Seeds

According to experts, if you feed your toddlers these super foods it will help to maximize their brain development.

Nuts and seeds can help toddlers with their cognitive skills, as well as memory and brain development. They provide essential fats for the brain and have a high level of vitamin E, which prevents cognitive degeneration.

Some nuts, like walnuts and almonds, also contain zinc, a mineral that plays a massive role in the brain’s growth. Other nuts and seeds, like pumpkin seeds and peanuts, are also high in protein, essential for toddlers’ nutrition.


When we talk about a toddler’s brain development, nutrition is critical. The proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will help them develop a healthy, smart brain. While these superfoods for toddler brain development can help, there are many other nutrients and factors to weigh in.


How can I make sure that my toddler is getting enough nutrients?

One way to ensure that your toddlers are getting enough nutrients is to add multivitamins to their diet. A multivitamin can deliver the vitamins and minerals that might not be absorbed as much by your toddlers. It’s like nutrition insurance.

We recommend Simply Natural vitamins for children. They have these cute organic gummy vitamins packed with 13 essential vitamins and minerals, all crucial for a toddler’s brain health. Vitamin supplements a great way to assist the brain’s development of your toddlers if they are picky eaters or if you’re afraid they just aren’t getting enough nutrients.


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